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Hey There, I'm Kim!

I create digital marketing content that gets my clients’ business in front of their ideal customers. I studied copywriting at The University of Toronto - and now I help business owners just like you attract their ideal audience and grow their business.

If you're struggling to find the time to update your website, write your newsletter, or update your online messaging, let me help. I write in-depth content for websites, emails, blogs, landing pages, advertisements, and more.

Don't settle for less than amazing copy.


Creative Process

When you’re ready to get started, we’ll hop on a call for a strategy session to go over your goals and the project’s scope. I’ll ask you questions about your business, product, industry, and target market.



The "Get to know you" phase


Where the magic happens


Drawing on the information from our discovery session, I’ll create persuasive copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients – and helps you meet your business goals.

We’ll collaborate on revisions to ensure your copy fits your style and brand voice. When everyone is happy, you’ll receive your final copy doc ready to be incorporated into your website or marketing materials.



Collaboration and delivery
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